I’m Yvonne Emery and I have been investing in property for over 16 years.  I started with a £1,000 deposit on my first home and became a property millionaire within 7 years. I got out of the Rat Race in 2005 when I set up Yvonne Emery Coaching and since then I have helped 100’s of experienced and aspiring property investors to develop their success strategies and generate passive income.

With over 7 years as a property coach and mentor I have developed a way to help you find the best investment strategy for you, whatever the economic climate and wherever you live.

Whenever you are investing in property you will come across hurdles such as running out of money, living in an expensive area, not being able to find properties that stack up, running into difficulties with the mortgage lenders, or simply not having enough time to dedicate to investing.  Whatever your specific difficulties, if you can weave them into your strategy and find a way forward that suits the time you have available, the financial situation you find yourself in and most importantly your personality then you will have found your perfect investment strategy.  I can help you find your strategy quicker and more easily than you can by trial and error.

I have invested over £100,000 in my education to make me one of the top coaches in property and I am often in demand on the Networking circuit as a speaker.

Despite having used many strategies and methods to invest in property over the years the one element which has worked for me whatever the economic or lending climate is renovation and in 2014 I have decided to share my unique strategy to help Investors like you and me to take a leap into renovating for profit and to maximize their cash flow regardless of future increases in interest rates or drop in value of property.

Transforming properties may seem costly and many investors are afraid of this however, using my strategy and formula that works every time allows me to save  £1000's on the B&Q bill, £1000's on the building costs and £1000’s on renovating time and voids.
There are some huge benefits that I will be revealing to you at the seminar where I will show you the secrets I use so that you can have the success you have been looking for.


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WARNING – you need to know this…

  • How to get the works schedule right so you don’t pay too much for the property.

    I’ll give you my costs on ACTUAL projects – real figures so that you can use them when you plan your refurb. This is one of the keys to your success and I will show you step by step how to complete the schedules.

  • When you run out of money you need to attract Joint Venture partners convincingly.

    In the last year I have done 6 Joint Ventures where I have put in none of my own money, but I am now earning £36k a year NET profit. You can learn where to and how to attract JV's all day long using my documentation!

  • When the lenders won’t lend – find an alternative. I will teach you how to have Commercial funding at your fingertips.

    On most properties trying to get your money back out is so difficult you don’t do the deal in the first place. With some types of property you can transfer to a commercial mortgage as long as you and the property meet the criteria. Having gone through the pain myself of some that work and some that don’t, I will save you huge amounts of time and frustration by showing you which are which.

    At some point or other, it is inevitable that you will run out of your own money to invest. Don't despair, I will show you how to finance your projects easily so you can develop your Investment Plans.

  • Finding ideal properties to renovate can be a challenge – are you investing in the right area?

    If you don't know exactly what you are looking for to maximize the returns on your investment then finding great properties can be a frustration. I will teach you how to find fantastic properties to refurb, wherever you live, with search tools that have made me money every time for 16 Years.

  • Refinancing is becoming more difficult, so I’ll teach you how to delay your purchase until the work is nearly done.

    The worse the property the better for profit, but that sometimes means forking out the whole purchase price up front – not any more – there are ways to change this system which mean that you can re-finance the property when you want and not when the lender decides. Combining new and old strategies you can have your property and renovate it before the banks even get involved,/

  • Buying a property when you’re not prepared to get going straight away can be costly.

    I will show you how to choose your power team so that you’re ready to go as soon as you get completion. I did a ‘virtual’ refurbishment in 2010 without even meeting the builder, plumber or carpet fitter – being aware of what is required in a team is essential and I’ll give you my tips for choosing the right people every time.

  • Too many people take too long to decide if a property is a Deal or No Deal. That’s why I created my Due Diligence in 15 minutes system to cut down on your decision time.

    Conducting your due diligence is the most important aspect of choosing the property as your decision at this stage will affect the entire outcome of the investment and dictate your profit. I will be showing you my 5 step process that the Valuers use, and that the Gurus make sound so complicated.  Wouldn’t it be better if you could make a decision in just 15 minutes?

Yvonne has been renovating property for 16 years and has mastered the art of the virtual refurb. She can help you refurb any property without ever stepping foot in it.

"How Yvonne’s refurb course helped me"

Yvonne's refurb course is an excellent training. The material is presented in an interesting way and Yvonne engages everyone in the room in learning about refurbs or improving the way they do their refurbs. It is a real eye opener! I learned how to be creative in adding additional lettable rooms to an HMO and utilised Yvonne's floor plan to increase the cash-flow of a new property.

Jane Beard,

"A Due Diligence Customer"

“As a fairly experienced investor I always do Due Diligence on any potential investments. However it used to take me longer than it should, as I didn’t follow a process. This guide has enabled me to follow the same process each time and now it really does only take 15 minutes. The spreadsheets are useful to input your figures to see if the deal stacks up”.

Rudolf van der Walt,

"LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE so book now to avoid disappointment"


To Your Success,
Yvonne Emery
Director, YvonneEmeryCoaching.co.uk

P.S.It will be great to get started in 2014 with all the tools required to make YOU the successful Property Investor you want to be and getting you ahead of the game. See you on the other side!